POLLO Grill House Menu


  • kontosoubli
    12.00 €

    Handmade pork kontosouvli from pieces of neck and pancetta, lightly marinated with our Homemade marinade, grilled on coals. Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside!

  • kotopoulo sxaras 1
    Grilled Chicken
    18.50 €

    Our trademark! The Signature Grilled Chicken you've all loved since 1992! Fresh grilled chicken marinated with oregano. A special flavor that chicken lovers will love! *The final price is calculated after weighing the product.

  • kokoretsi
    14.00 €

    Handmade traditional charcoal-grilled kokoretsi. Pieces of meat (liver, lung, heart) are cut into medium pieces, salt and spices are added to them, they are wrapped with inwards and grilled!

Souvlaki Stick

  • kotompeikon 1
    Chicken-Bacon Skewer
    2.80 €

    Handmade Chicken-Bacon skewer. Chicken breast fillets wrapped in slices of delicious bacon slices. Result, crispy bacon on the outside, juicy chicken fillet inside!

  • loukaniko galopoulas
    2.00 €

    Our favorite turkey sausage stuffed with cheese!

  • kempap
    Kebab Skewer
    2.50 €

    Traditional Politiko Kebab from mixed meat (pork & beef) lightly marinated. Mild taste without strong smells!

  • mpifteki gemisto
    Burger Stuffed with Cheece
    2.50 €

    Juicy stuffed burger from mixed minced meat (pork, beef) stuffed with a mixture of gouda & edam cheese , grilled!

  • kalamaki kotopoulo
    Chicken Skewer
    2.50 €

    Juicy skewers made from 100% chicken breast fillet. The healthiest proposal with a high protein content!

  • kalamaki
    Pork Skewer
    2.50 €

    Handmade pork neck skewer, lightly marinated with salt and oregano.

Souvlaki Pita

  • tylixto loukaniko
    Pita Turkey Sausage
    3.50 €

    Wrapped Sausage Stuffed with cheese and the ingredients of your choice!

  • tylixto kebab
    Pita Kebab
    3.80 €

    Delicious Kebab wrapped in traditional pita and the ingredients of your choice.

  • tylixto mpifteki gemisto
    Pita Burger
    3.80 €

    Delicious Burger Stuffed, wrapped with traditional pita and the ingredients of your choice.

  • tylixto kalamaki
    Pita Pork Skewer
    3.50 €

    Delicious Pork skewer wrapped with traditional pita and the ingredients of your choice.

  • tylixto gyros kotopoulo
    Pita Gyros Chicken
    3.80 €

    Delicious Gyros Chicken, wrapped in traditional pita and the ingredients of your choice.

  • tylixto gyros
    Pita Pork Kontosouvli
    4.50 €

    Delicious Pork Kontosouvli wrapped in traditional pita and the ingredients of your choice.

  • tylixto gyros
    Pita Gyros Pork
    3.80 €

    Delicious Gyros Pork, wrapped with traditional pita and the ingredients of your choice.

  • tylixto kalamaki kotopoulo
    Pita Chicken Skewer
    3.80 €

    Delicious Chicken Skewer, wrapped with traditional pita and the ingredients of your choice.

  • tylixto kotobeikon
    Pita Chicken-Bacon
    4.50 €

    Delicious chicken bacon wrapped in traditional pita and the ingredients of your choice.


  • kotobacon
    Portion Chicken-Bacon (3pcs)
    12.00 €

    3-piece chicken bacon portion accompanied by mayonnaise sauce, tomato, potato, onion and lettuce.

  • loukaniko gemisto
    Portion Sausage (4pcs)
    10.00 €

    Portion Sausage Stuffed with cheese 4 pieces, accompanied by mayonnaise sauce, pita, potato, tomato and onion.

  • kebab merida
    Portion Kebab (3pcs)
    10.00 €

    Kebab portion 3 pieces of mixed meat (pork, beef), lightly marinated with a mild taste!

  • mpifteki merida
    Portion Burger (3pcs)
    10.00 €

    Delicious Burgers with mixed meat (pork, beef) and cheese filling. Grilled on coals!

  • kalamaki xoirino merida
    Portion Chicken Skewers (4pcs)
    10.00 €

    Juicy Chicken Skewers made from 100% grilled breast! A really "protein" suggestion!

  • kalamaki xoirino merida
    Portions Pork Skewers (4pcs)
    10.00 €

    Juicy pork skewers, lightly marinated with salt and oregano, grilled over charcoal!

  • kotopoulo gyros merida
    Portion Gyros Chicken
    10.00 €

    Delicious Chicken Gyros (breast - leg) lightly marinated with spices!

  • merida
    Portion Gyros Pork
    10.00 €

    Juicy Gyros Pork Sliced Thinly, Lightly Marinated, ready to serve!


  • salata pollp
    Pollo Salad
    9.50 €

    Special POLLO salad! Freshly cut tomato and lettuce, croutons, homemade mayonnaise sauce and the delicious Chicken Gyros!

  • salata marouli 1
    Lettuce Salad
    6.50 €

    Freshly chopped lettuce, fresh onion, dill, extra virgin olive oil and vinegar.

  • salata agouri ntomaταa
    Tomato - Cucumber Salad
    4.50 €

    Fresh tomato cut together with cucumber slices accompanied by extra virgin olive oil and oregano.

  • Greek Salar
    7.50 €

    Traditional Greek salad with fresh ingredients, accompanied by extra virgin olive oil and oregano!

  • feta ntomata 1
    PDO Feta Cheese - Tomato
    5.00 €

    Salad with fresh tomato, Feta PDO and olives, accompanied by extra virgin olive oil and oregano.


  • pita premium
    Pita Bread
    0.50 €

    Traditional Greek Pita Bread. Tasty, soft and fluffy!

  • sos
    Small Dips
    0.80 €

    Choose from our various sauces, perfect for complementing our appetizers!

  • sos
    Mayonnaise Sauce 180ml
    3.90 €

    The recipe for our homemade Mayonnaise Sauce that you have loved for so many years!

  • tyrokafteri
    Spicy Cheese 180ml
    3.70 €

    Traditional Spicy Cheese from lean mizithra and PDO feta cheese. Mild taste with minimal hot tones!

  • tzatziki
    Homemade Tzatziki
    3.70 €

    Our shop's classic tzatziki recipe! The ideal ratio of yogurt, garlic and cucumber!

  • feta
    PDO Feta Cheese
    4.00 €

    Traditional PDO Feta Cheese.

  • side5 11
    French Fries with Mayo Sauce
    4.30 €

    Delicious, golden fries with salt &oregano, served with a small mayonnaise dip sauce.

  • patates tiganites
    French Fries
    3.50 €

    Runny, crispy fries with salt and oregano!


  • Fix 330
    Fix Beer
    2.00 €

    The Greek premium lager beer with the longest history and richest heritage, since 1864, is an ideal choice for every moment of the day and every occasion, with its smooth and full flavor, with its refined, floral bouquet of aromas that dominates the aroma of malt and balanced bitterness, leaving a long-lasting rounded aftertaste.

  • Pepsi
    Pepsi Twist
    2.00 €

    The most loved Pepsi! Pepsi Twist, with as much lemon as needed for the most... lemony cola!

  • Heineken 330
    Heineken Beer
    2.50 €

    Heineken is a lager beer with a beautiful golden yellow color, made from 100% barley malt and a small but important addition. Heineken's A-Yeast. This unique yeast is what gives it a rich taste with the fruity notes that characterize every Heineken. It has a mild and bitter aftertaste, which ensures the balanced rich taste, transparent appearance and beautiful golden yellow color.

  • Fuze Λεμόνι
    2.50 €

    FuzeTea is a delightful combination of herbal extracts and fruit juice that offers a unique taste experience. FuzeTea is sourced from 100% sustainable tea crops and contains only natural flavors and low calories.

  • CCR 330ML
    1.50 €

    For 130 years, Coca‑Cola has been a product that has been loved by billions of people around the world and to this day continues to share joy and moments of enjoyment.

  • Alfa 330
    Alfa Beer
    2.00 €

    Blonde Light Lager. Cool thirst-quenching, with rich foam, and easy to drink, it fits perfectly with Greek tastes. It combines a bright golden color and a soft aroma of malt and yeast with 5% alcohol content. It is brewed with the same traditional recipe, entirely in Greece, with 100% Greek barley.

  • Schweppes Orange
    2.50 €

    Life prepares you to discover the authentic character of Schweppes. As the world's first carbonated soft drink, Schweppes is a timeless symbol of quality that inspires adults to explore and capture life's experiences.

  • Sprite 330
    1.50 €

    Sprite is The Coca‑Cola Company's most refreshing soft drink. The clarity, authenticity and dynamic character of Sprite encourages young people to express themselves as they really feel! A frozen Sprite gives you the power to RESET your day and rejuvenates you to the fullest!

  • Amstel 330
    Amstel Beer
    2.00 €

    Its taste, full and rich, thanks to the characteristic aroma of hops. Its color, golden, is the result of the combination of light and dark malt. Its place, always next to your plate.

  • Σουρωτή
    Carbonated Water
    2.00 €

    High quality carbonated water with precious metals and trace elements, from a protected underground source, pure, without any chemical treatment or disinfection, certified safe for consumption.

  • Mythos 330
    Mythos Beer
    2.00 €

    Rich foam, bright blonde color and complex but distinct aromas. Balanced taste with fruity nuances and notes of hops, with a slight sweetness and a rich, long-lasting aftertaste that makes it so pleasant and refreshing.

  • Nero 1500
    Mineral Water
    0.50 €

    A renowned water since the beginning of the 20th century for its properties. It comes from the Korpi region, famous for its springs, in the Akarnanika Mountains, a completely natural and protected environment. For tens of years now, the waters of Etoloakarnania are considered a "treasure of the country", while hundreds of visitors rush to visit it every year for the natural environment of the area.

  • fanta 330ml
    1.50 €

    Fanta is one of the most favorite soft drinks because of its wonderful fruity taste! It accompanies and makes even more intense the special moments you spend with your company, and invites you to always remain creative and energetic.

Soft drinks